How much does the programme cost?
You can generate a provisional quote here.

Are there scholarships available for this programme?
Yes! We have a small number of full scholarships available for students from Africa. If you complete an application for the programme before 31 August, you will also be considered for a scholarship. Successful applicants will be notified in September.

When will you notify me of the outcome of my application?
If you apply before 31 August, we will notify you in September. If you apply between 31 August and 31 October, we will notify you in November. Applications received after 31 October may not be considered for the 2023 intake.

What is the start date of the programme?
The programme usually starts mid-January. Exact dates for 2023 will be communicated to successful applicants. Note that the programme requires one year of intensive full-time studies. The part-time option allows a student to complete the modules and research project over two years.

How does the part-time option work?
All students must complete 4 core modules, 6 elective modules, and a research project. Part-time students can decide, in consultation with the programme coordinator, how best to split their modules and project over two years. One way might be to complete half of the modules in year 1, and the other half plus the project in year 2.

How many contact hours would there be in a typical week?
Each module might have two or three contact sessions (lectures or pracs) per week, on Stellenbosch campus, and full-time students would typically have two modules at a time. The exact schedule for 2023 will be confirmed later.

Can I do the programme remotely or online?
No. At the moment the programme is presented only in-person at Stellenbosch University.

Can you check whether I meet the admission requirements?
Due to large volumes we won’t be able to perform informal pre-approvals. If you think you might meet the requirements, you are most welcome to submit an application. Your qualifications will be evaluated against the South African system.

I will only complete my current degree at the end of 2022. Can I still apply?
Yes! We understand that some students are still busy with their degrees. You can submit an application with the information and transcripts you have on hand. There will be a “conditionally accepted” option, that may admit a student on the condition that they will have completed their degrees by January 2023.

I am a research-masters or PhD student at Stellenbosch University. Can I attend some of the lectures?
Yes! Contact us to find out how.